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July 8, 2013 - BioSculpture Technology receives allowance of Patent Application 13/315,228 describing a "Method of Collecting and In Situ Processing of Tissue Sampled from Human Patients During Aspiration Operations."

This is another important patent as it describes methods and devices allowing any fat removed from the body to be conveniently collected, processed, sampled, and analyzed so that the very most noxious visceral fat may be targeted for removal,  This may be in the omental, proximal or distal small bowel or large bowel mesentery in any specific patient.   It also teaches a set of treatment algorithms for patient management that we hope will provide the basis for the novel obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 Diabetes mellitus treatment method protected by BST's U.S. Patents 8,348,929 B2 and 8,465,471 B2.

 The methods and devices described facilitate the use of the adipocyte-derived stem cells (ASC'S) within that fat aspirate.  They are processed to facilitate auto-grafting or culturing out stem cell lines.  It is anticipated in the decades which follow, personalized new treatments will be developed using these pluripotential cells capable of differentiating into all the body's tissues.   





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