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    Airbrush® Liposculptor is ergonomically designed to facilitate one-handed, continuous adjustment of stroke length for power assisted liposculpture.  

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Airbrush® Liposculptor

    The Airbrush® Liposculptor is a streamlined, air-driven, power-assisted, twin-cannula liposuction device which allows the surgeon to continually adapt the stroke length of the liposuction cannula to achieve  the desired  artistic result.  It allows the surgeon to be an artist and the patient to visualize his or her results and return to active life sooner.  

    Space-age technology using advanced composites, pneumatics, electronics and motion control allows responsively controlled power to be packed into a minimum of space and weight.  

     This powerful instrument was engineered with safety by design features so that the chances  inadvertent  injury to physician or patient inherent in any power tool are minimized.  Cannula motion is effected only by a magnetic linkage set to disengage if solid tissue is encountered.  

                You may download a data sheet  (1.2 Mb).

Key Benefits

Offers the surgeon one-handed, continuous control of stroke.
Unleashes the artist in the surgeon by freeing him from the labor of the procedure.
Allows the safe resection of larger amounts of fatty tissue.
Obviates the need for tumescence in many cases.
Facilitates easier body sculpting and feathering for more even and predictable results.
Streamlined design results in an aesthetic instrument which is light-weight and vibration free.
Magnetic coupling incorporates safety by design features. 



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Airbrush™ Liposculptor LS-HP-AB-102



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